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In the slow lane, to discover destinations off-the-beaten-path, disregarded by mass tourist circuits.

We offer quality and depth of experience, convinced - after more than 20 years around the world - that travel must be more than crossing hot spots off a checklist. To travellers who rely on us for their holiday’s dreams we offer emotions, a story to bring back home, not only an object or even a picture.

Travel is a way of expressing oneself, and interactions with locals a way of experiencing and sampling new customs.
A tourism that set the human being at the centre of the travelling experience: that’s our mission.
Meeting and exchanging with others are the main reasons to get off for a true traveller: respectful for people, cultures and environment, to limit contaminations and discover unexpected treasures.

“Sentieri di Anthora - The world off the beaten path” stems from the experience of his founders, travellers - not tourists, offering an alternative approach to travel.

We differentiate our offer from conventional and crowded tours. Our destinations are often unknown and ignored by major itineraries, but nevertheless full of charm and attraction. We go round the corner, that’s it!

We believe in responsible and sustainable tourism. Responsible means knowledge and comprehension of traditions, habits and peculiarities of the people we meet during our travel. Sustainable means that we try not to contaminate with our presence those peculiarities, leaving behind nothing else than our footprint.

That is why we carefully select around the world partners with whom we share vision and goals.
We privilege operators engaged in developing the well-being of local population, in order to let them re-appropriate of the enormous wealth that can originate from tourism - if well managed - for their present and the future of their children.

Sentieri di Anthora aims to:

  • Show you very special parts of the world through the eyes of the people who live there, outside of the classic routes of mass tourism
  • Offer you excellent service and comprehensive information and preparation to the travel
  • Select accommodations and services locally owned and managed in order to empower local people in host destinations to control their own destinies.
  • Promote local projects, harnessing the tourism pound for development projects.
  • Conserve biodiversity and cultural diversity through tourism, in order to preserve the world’s heritage.


Welcome to the North West of Italy       

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There are thousands of good reasons for choosing to visit the North West! You might feel for its wines and good food passionately. You might be interested in art in all its forms, from architecture to handicraft. You might be curious to find out something about the culture of people who are strongly bound to their own traditions but open to innovation. You might love its mountains and its mountain sports, from trekking to climbing. You might want to enjoy the quiet of its lakes or need to take up a devotional path.

Nature, taste, art, religion, water, mountains, sports, tradition and innovation. A region in steady ferment - warm and hospitable, ready to receive the most demanding visitors, to astonish them, and to win them over.

In this wonderful scenery, Sentieri di Anthora is delighted to assist foreign travellers in discovering our countryside, through alpine and industrial traditions, medieval fortified citadels and Holy Mounts and Sanctuary, letting them discover and appreciate our traditions, culture and the typical products of our region.

Our programs for foreign travellers

  • The Magic of Alps       Download pdf
    Twelve days around Piedmont and Aosta Valley, with some easy hiking across alpine valleys and passes, to discover the richness of arts, traditions and cultures. With a slow pace, allowing to appreciate and acknowledge in depth the wealth coming from diversity.

  • The Sacred and the Profane     Download pdf
    Thirteen days around Piedmont, to discover its famous Sacri Monti and Sanctuary, the art and architecture of the baroque Turin and the roman and medieval Alba and Ricetto of Candelo, without forgetting tasty food and wines.

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